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I was born and raised in the sunny (when not hurricane-y) Tampa Bay area of Florida. My Catholic mom and Jewish dad opted to have me baptized Catholic as a baby. My dad converted to Catholicism the year I transferred from a public school to a private, Protestant one. His conversion and debates initiated by my mildly anti-Catholic teachers resulted in our studying Church teaching, side-by-side.

What I believe as a Roman Catholic was questioned frequently at the school, which I attended from fifth grade through twelfth, and I wouldn’t trade the experience. In it, I discovered my passion for Catholicism, and in Catholicism, I met Jesus, who is my savior, friend, and role model.

My other passion is writing. My oldest clear memory of writing is of the time I spoke a story aloud so my mom could use her typewriter to type it. I was probably six. She was patient.

Writing, for me, was underlain by a love for reading, cultivated by practice, and supported by all the people I forced to read each finished product. (Shoutout to the neighbors who didn’t get mad the time I littered your lawns with the “newspaper” I wrote.)

I don’t remember deciding that I wanted to be an author; pretty sure I was born that way. By my sophomore year of high school, I also wanted to be a journalist. In a series of profoundly humbling events indicative of God’s providence, I started writing for the Times as a correspondent in my senior year of high school, joined the Times staff the summer before I graduated from college, and was invited by Ave Maria Press in 2013 to write a book.

My goal, regardless of for which publication, is for what I write to make readers think (bonus points for readers who laugh or cry). That I do what I do for a living is a privilege. That you are here, supporting me in it, means more to me than I can express adequately. Your prayers as I continue to pursue my calling and career are appreciated.

Fun Facts

I up and moved to Hampton Roads, Virginia in the summer of 2016, because adventurous.
I was a staff writer for the Tampa Bay Times, Florida’s largest newspaper, for nine years.
I’m now a correspondent for the Virginian-Pilot, which is Virginia’s largest newspaper.
I am a contributing writer at the Catholic Match Institute and the Chastity Project.
I have a master’s degree in rehabilitation and mental health counseling from the University of South Florida and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the same university.

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