Gabby Banzon

Co-Host of The Threshold Podcast

Chicago born, Atlanta grown, and Dallas pruned, I've been involved with music since childhood. While I wasn't a big fan of being forced to take piano lessons, I loved making music with others. Eager to be included, I also picked up the saxophone, the guitar, and singing. This led to being part of school ensembles and ministry bands all throughout high school and college... and to learning way too many other instruments to count.

I loved the community I got through creating music. It allowed me to be me and still form connections. I decided that I wanted to create an environment for that to happen with others. To make a space that fosters an encounter and a relationship where they can finally be accepted and loved and seen for who they are.

And that is what I do.

During the week, you can find me working as a board certified music therapist with youth and adults of all conditions. At the moment, it looks like coordinating the special needs branch of a non-profit community theatre. During the weekends, you can find me creating music, words, videos, ideas, and connections. All with a cup of coffee in hand.

Gabby Banzon has hosted two Episodes.